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Get to know our 2023 vendors – POOK


READ TIME 4 MIN – The opening of our Christkindlmarket locations does not only mean festive decorations and twinkling lights but also the return of beloved vendors that add a touch of warmth and charm to the Christkindlmarket experience. A Christkindlmarket staple that has captured the hearts of market-goers at all three locations is POOK. Renowned for their cozy and stylish winter essentials, read about the origins of their signature style.

POOK: Where Fun Meets Fashion
Folks, gather ’round for a story that’s as quirky as the products it spawned. If you’ve ever wondered what the products of late-night bursts of creativity might look like, let us introduce you to POOK. It’s a brand that transformed a humble Canadian sock into an iconic fashion statement. Yes, you read that right – socks, and a little “talking juice” were involved.

It all began on a long night when Tony Pook, the man behind POOK, had perhaps one too many, and with his chatterbox mode in full swing, a friend decided it was time to “put a sock in it.” Now, normally, that’s just an idiom, but Tony took it quite literally. He grabbed one of his traditional Canadian wool socks from the floor and plopped it right onto his head.

Surprisingly, this sock hat, sparked something in Tony’s usually scattered brain. His creative juices flowed like the salmon of Capistrano, and so, the POOK Toque (French for beanie hat) was conceived – right then and there. It was the perfect gag gift for the approaching Christmas season, at least in Tony’s mind.

With a quick jaunt to the local Walmart™ for some of the classic wool work socks, a trip to a local fabric shop for fleece, and some sewing lessons from his mother, Tony was soon sporting the first-ever POOK Toque prototype. It wasn’t all smooth sailing; Tony had to sacrifice a few innocent socks to get the sizing just right. But the result? A toque that’s as eccentric as it is warm.

Word got out among Tony’s friends and relatives about this peculiar creation, and suddenly, there was a clamor for POOK Toques. Tony realized that he might not be the only one willing to sport this crazy headwear.

And thus, the legend of POOK began to unfold. But Tony didn’t stop with just the toque; oh no, he went on to birth a whole range of products that could only be described as the offspring of a whimsical mind and a dash of style.

The POOK Red Onesie: If you’ve ever wanted to relive your toddler days in adult-sized glory, the red onesie is for you. It’s like your ticket to a never-ending pajama party that doubles as a statement piece. It even comes with a “trap door” in the back.

Beer Koozie Mitts: Need a way to keep your hands warm while never leaving your drink unattended? The koozie mitts have got you covered. These beauties are the party animals of the mitten world, ensuring your beverage stays as chilled as you are.

Reversible Robes: The reversible robes are like the wardrobe equivalent of having a two-for-one coupon. Wear it one way when you’re feeling posh, flip it for some casual flair – it’s like a fashion mood ring for your body.

POOK Dukes: Ever heard of gloves that let your fingers roam free while keeping the rest of your hand warm? Meet the POOK Dukes – they’re like the rock stars of handwear. The POOK Dukes just won Gold Medal at the mitten convention in Costa Rica for the 10th year in a row.

POOK, with its unique beginnings and eccentric product line, is a testament to the unexpected magic that can happen when you have a little inspiration and let your creative juices run free, and some Canadian socks. It’s proof that sometimes the best ideas are born from the most whimsical moments, and that putting a sock on it can turn into a fashion phenomenon. Cheers to POOK, and of course to you!
Shop all the POOK fashion in person at all three Christkindlmarket locations and online.



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