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“Brand” New – Our Design Journey


READ TIME 3 MIN – We are 11 weeks away from the celebration of the 25th Christkindlmarket Anniversary. Looking back 11 years, it was a festive season as well – the Christkindlmarket had its 15th Anniversary! Many vendors have been with us since then, many traditions and live entertainment have stayed the same. What has changed tremendously, however, is the look of the Christkindlmarket brand.

What started as a small market, advertised through black and white or one-colored flyers and press releases with a simple logo, became a huge event, organized by a team of 13 ladies with different skill sets who have been building and developing the brand over the years.

Thinking back to the first press release from 1996, we are reminded of what the world was like before fancy design programs and social media – when media coverage and word of mouth were our best friends! We are very grateful that local news outlets like the Chicago Tribune, WGN, ABC7, and many more have been reporting about us from the beginning. Throughout the years, we’ve also received event awards from various organizations, like the Chicago Loop Alliance, USAToday, and UpShow.

We love that we have been able to grow and steadily improve. We came a long way: From combining various random colors, fonts, and graphics to having established brand guidelines in place that make us recognizable and reflect the unique Christkindlmarket holiday feel!

When you look at our website and promotional material nowadays, you can right away see the theme that we’ve been following: our dark blue background with white writing and snowflakes paired with cheerful, warm imagery that make you want to cozy up and enjoy a hot beverage at the market.

We’ve worked with in-house and external designers throughout the years to make our look become more and more professional. In 2015, the Christkindlmarket got its new logo and implemented the new design elements across all platforms – website, brochure, flyers, billboards… Since then, the concept and colors have stayed the same but gone through a little enhancement with a more modern touch.

The same applies to the Kinder Club material. What started out with hand-drawn coloring pages and riddles has now become a professionally designed booklet for kids – with our two mascots, the snowman, and the penguin, that have also gotten a little touch-up, with different accessories matching each year’s theme.

One of our long-term photographers, Eric James Walsh, does a fantastic job at capturing the feel of the market. Most of the website banner and gallery photos have been shot and edited by him.

What we are most grateful for is the opportunity to experience our little brand and design journey with our loyal visitors! Our following and engagement on our Facebook channels (Chicago, Wrigleyville, Milwaukee) and on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn has increased a lot. We enjoy sharing and interacting with you, reading your memories, and keeping you updated about all that’s to come!

Christkindlmarket Brochure from 10th Anniversary



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