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Market Map & Vendors in Wrigleyville

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Aurora Christkindlmarket Site Map

Dorothy’s Bakery & Bagel Shop was born from a love of having fresh, simple, and organic breads & bagels every day. Using local and seasonal ingredients, we create baked goods that are inspired by Alpine cuisine and rooted in the Midwest. Our sausages follow authentic German recipes and a smoked in house. Our bagels are hand-made, boiled, and baked daily; ready to be topped with cream cheese.

United Chocolate Works is all about pushing boundaries of chocolate creations. Our mission is simple: sourcing only the best quality cocoa beans and form them into truly unique and fun forms! The only limit is imagination, and we have plenty of that. We love to experiment with new creations and finding new ways to create ingenious forms of chocolates that will mesmerize, surprise, and bring joy to everyone. Truly singular, our chocolates both look and taste fantastic! Enjoy!

Da Local Boy LLC was established in 2021 in Lake County, IL. Our family moved to Illinois during the peak of the pandemic for my wife’s school. I was a private chef in Maui. Being an island boy, we were homesick. We missed the taste of the islands. That’s when we decided to start sharing our food with our coworkers. Eventually, people started to recognize our work. We started a pop up tent and within a few months of operation, with the support and love we have gotten from the community we were able to get our food truck.

Hawaii received an influx of people coming to the islands during the plantation era. Folks come from different regions of the world, each bringing their own traditions to the islands to share with others. As a result, Hawaii became a melting pot of exciting cuisine from all around the world.

Our main goal is to bring the taste of the island to the mainland. Our inspiration drew from the colorful array of cultures back home combining ethnic flavors for a grand fusion of the island’s unique flavors. Serving folks with traditional and Asian fusion island experience.

Here at Dave’s Coffee Cake, we put a little love into each and every cake we make, resulting in some truly amazing flavors. We are known for creating the finest coffee cakes and have devoted many years to the development of our own exclusive recipes and flavors. We have a wonderful selection of Dave’s Coffee Cake available, and our staff is excited to give out samples and sell our cakes daily at the Christkindlmarket in Wrigleyville.

Family-Owned small business. We make six flavors of Gourmet Licorice. Taste the Difference.

Delve into Germany’s culinary tradition at Schnitzel Haus: expertly prepared schnitzel, savory sausages, and authentic Galuskies (cabbage rolls), complemented by a selection of rich German soups served in warm bread bowls.

Make everyday crepe day with Jour Des Crepes! Enjoy our delicious, homemade French crepes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They are oh so good and are served wtih a variety of sweet and savory fllings! Why not try them all?! Joyeux Noel from all of us at Jour Des Crepes!


All of our ceramics are made by hand here in IL. We use sustainable materials to create functional pieces that can be used in your kitchen. Come by our booth during the Christkindlmarket for a once in a lifetime experience!

Assortment of roasted nuts, gingerbread, and German cookies. A huge assortment of German chocolates & candy, Stollen (traditional German holiday cake), popcorn, and cotton candy.

Prince of Pierogi Restaurant offers a variety of pierogi, Hunter’s Stew (Bigos) and Kielbasa Sandwiches. Hot Barszcz (Borscht) is our drink of choice as it will warm you up even on the coldest day. The Polish Mom leads the cooking process and supervises our booth. Come try us!

Ultra-fresh premium quality roasted nuts. Freshly roasted on site!

Started in 2017, Joycoast is a sustainable lifestyle brand creating sunglasses, watches, and accessories from natural materials such as wood. Planting 10 trees for every product sold, Joycoast has planted over 80,000 trees with the support from their loyal customers!

Joycoast’s mission is to use sustainable materials, reduce the amount of harmful plastics used, and plant 1 million trees by 2025. As of August 2023, we have planted 80,000 trees through our partners and Eden Reforestation Projects.

Why Joycoast?
• All sunglasses are polarized, UV-400, spring hinged, and ultra-lightweight
• Highest quality, most unique sunglasses, and accessories on the market
• Not sold on Amazon
• Small company that plants 10 trees for every product sold (on a mission to plant 1 million).

Bob has six certificates from The Chocolate Academy, and he is bringing his out-of-this-world Belgian hot chocolate to the Christkindlmarket this year! Made onsite with homemade whipped cream, Bob combines 100% Imported Belgian dark and milk chocolate, with other fine ingredients, to create a cup of his amazing hot chocolate. Once you try it…. there is no going back! You will want more and more! Bob has also created some dee-licious products for you to take home and enjoy: Stix and Mix. They make fantastic Christmas gifts. Indulge in a cup of luxurious chocolate: Bob’s Belgian Hot Chocolate! The best of the best!

Authentic Bavarian soft ptetzels that are handmade and freshly baked, just the way they’ve been doing it in Germany for hundreds of years.

Here you can find Traditional Austrian Food and Beverage Specialities.

Happy Holidays! Decadent Flavor is a traveling dessert company that offers an array of dessert stations. Our signature hot and fresh mini donuts are made to order onsite and served with a variety of toppings. Also, treat yourself and indulge in our delicious hot chocolate and gourmet coffees. We cater all events and occasions including but not limited to weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, etc. Swing by and visit us this holiday season and partake in some of our delicious treats. We would love to see all of your beautiful faces! In the interim, feel free to visit our website to view all of our 18 different Dessert Stations and Food Truck options:

Wisconsin cheesemakers specializing in Alpine raclette, baked cheese and hot honey crisp apple cider.

Biró Lángos is a tasty stop to enjoy authentic European street food. Start with one of our many Lángos varieties. Whether it’s savory with sour cream and cheese, or sweet with a generous spread of Nutella, this warm Hungarian fried bread is the ultimate comfort food. Then, satisfy your craving for traditional German fare with a plate of currywurst, sliced sausage topped with a flavorful sauce. Or bite into a juicy bratwurst before indulging in a hot, rich, and silky English butter beer, spiced cider, or decadent hot cocoa. There are plenty of grab-and-go treats for the young ones and young at heart. Warm food served with warm smiles!

Puffy Houzz is your one stop shop for all things Dutch. From fresh stroopwafels, poffertjes, to our delicious hot chocolate. We have it all! Make sure to stop by for a taste of Amsterdam in Chicago.

The Bakehouse Chicago is a local bakery in Roscoe Village serving all types of baked goods and coffee.

Fons is a patchwork of different cultural flavors from around the world, threading natural sources of food into the empanada world with a plant-based twist.

An ornament is something that lends grace or beauty to something, is a manner or quality that adorns, is a person whose virtues or graces add luster to a place or society, and is the act of adorning or being adorned. Personalized Christmas tree ornaments are a wonderful way to record memories of life’s events and activities that mark this year of recovery. Your family will enjoy custom family ornaments that change as your family grows for many years. Personalized ornaments also make great gifts, especially for couples, sports fans, pet owners, and more!

Hand-blown and hand-painted glass ornaments from Poland with European crystals handset in Chicago, Illinois.

At Gratinsta, we believe in the beauty and power of nature. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating nature-inspired jewelry that celebrates the natural world and the unique beauty of each and every living creature. Nature is a source of inspiration and beauty, and our unique jewelry collection captures this essence in every piece. Each piece is plated with gold or rhodium for a touch of luxury, making it perfect for any occasion. From delicate leaf designs to intricate flower patterns, our nature-inspired jewelry is a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of natural elegance to their wardrobe. Shop our collection today and experience the beauty of nature in a whole new way!

Chef Heatley creates seven unique and distinctive sauces, with hot peppers grown on his local farm.

If you think Cashmere is soft, wait until you get your hands on a handmade Ecuadorian alpaca wool sweater, poncho, or rug. Famous in the Otocalo market for these amazing Ecuadorian gifts.

The wood for our hand-crafted nativities and ornaments is acquired by pruning the Holy Land olive wood tree. No trees are cut down to create our products. Each piece is unique due to the individual grain of the wood from each tree as well as the woodworker’s personal style.

Pook is simply the world’s warmest, most unique, and truly most fashionable winter apparel around. From the runways of Milan to the pizza houses of Illinois, you want to be seen wearing Pook.

Atelier Adesso sells contemporary and whimsical handmade jewelry and decor in the mountains outside of Denver, Colorado. Our owner and maker traces her lineage back to her ancestral makers in the black forests in Baden-Baden.

We offer one of the world’s most extensive and best-loved collections of mouth-blown glass ornaments. All Christmas glass ornaments are made with traditional methods: blown on a free fire from a glass pipe without any mold, then the inner sides of the shape are manually plated with genuine gold, and lastly they are hand painted & decorated.

Hand-crafted nutcrackers, smokers, and wood pyramids.

Make sure to visit the Pop-Up Booth to see different vendors throughout the market season!

Everything’s All Light (17th-21st November)

Handmade luxury soy candles.


Green Eyed Lady Fam (22nd-24th November)

A family-owned lavender farm that grows, produces, and sells dried lavender and lavender products.


The Walking Waffle Co. (November 25th-November 28th)

A family-owned business selling Liege waffles that are topped with fresh fruit and sauces.


Vicinity Candles (29th November -1st December)

Handmade candles inspired by the unique neighborhoods of Chicago.


BAKE (2nd-5th December)

An assortment of holiday cookies as well as small gingerbread houses!


OuroHermetica (6th-8th December) & (20th-22nd December)

Handmade aromatherapy, bath, body, and witchy items focusing on international living and the power of manifestation through self-care.


Donut Dudes (9th-12th December)

Gourmet donut shop located in the south suburbs of Chicago. Offering fresh gourmet donuts, decedent hot chocolate, and Frost-Bites: the perfect winter dessert! A hot-pressed donut ice cream sandwich, made to order.


Hess Sound Selfcare (13th-15th December)

Supplier of high-quality Peter Hess® Singing Bowls, both for personal self-care and for professional (therapeutic) use such as sound massage, yoga, meditation, wellness, beauty, education, health care, sports, and coaching.


Laconic Foods (16th-19th December)

Family-harvested ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil and rare honeys from Greece.


Olive Roots (23rd-26th December)

Clean home fragrance company that hand-produces toxic-free candles, reed diffusers, and room sprays that are good for you, your home, and the environment.


Zeitlin’s Delicatessen (27th-31st December)

An artisan Jewish Deli using the city of Chicago as their inspiration to sell delicious baked goods.

Christkindlmarket info and merchandise booth – buy mugs, scarfs, ornaments & more!

Our company, Syrin, has enjoyed bringing authentic Eastern European gifts to customers around the world for over thirty years. We have been a part of Holiday markets, operating under different names in North America and Europe.

Working with countless artists and carvers, primarily from Ukraine, we meticulously hand pick items to be part of our annual curated collection. Particularly in North America, we have built a life-long relationship with our customers and have been delighted to continue bringing our unique selections to the markets each and every year.

The ideology behind our name focuses on symbolism of eternal joy and creative inspiration. Syrin is a mythical creature of Slavic legends, with a head of a beautiful woman and the body of a bird. She sings beautiful songs, foretelling future bliss, and inspires artists to create their masterpieces. Syrin is as fast and difficult to catch as human happiness.

La Boulangerie & Co is a traditional French Bakery & Cafe’. 

When you walk into our cafés, get ready to experience France at its most authentic, starting with the base of our business: the flour. All of our breads, pastries, galettes, and crepes are made from scratch daily in Chicago with the highest quality flour imported straight from the motherland: France. 

Supplying Chicago with delicious bread is what we do best, and you can find us in several restaurants and retail stores around the city, as well as summer and winter farmers markets.

Beautiful, hand-woven alpaca scarves, shawls, socks, and plush handmade stuffed animals. Founded by Canadian designers, they work with a single Ecuadorian family and a Peruvian women’s cooperative to produce beautiful winter accessories.

Handmade natural felt & silk products.
1. Unique felt hats
2. Beautiful felted silk shawls and scarves
3. Comfortable and warm indoor slippers
4. Incredible felt ornaments
Each of these products is unique and one of a kind, because they are made by hand with joy and love in beautiful mountain country Kyrgyzstan.

Oh, honey, we have the perfect tea for you! At True Honey Teas, we love honey and we love tea, so together we created the ultimate honey tea. Our honey tea bags are packed with natural honey granules. We do not use oils or flavoring, just real ingredients. It is that simple and sweet! We have the perfect honey-infused tea blend for every palate. Enjoy hot or cold!

Mushyface Natural Pet Treats are handcrafted in West Chicago, Illinois in small batches from the best restaurant quality ingredients. From single ingredient jerkies to beautifully made delicious cookies, you are sure to find the perfect gift for your favorite furry friend.

Whimsy offers the most unique merchandise – featuring cozy hats, scarves, and mittens, all made by hand in Poland. You cannot find merchandise like this anywhere else. The hats are fleece lined and so warm, available in a unique trapper style or a slouch pompom style. The scarves are all beautiful and unique. The gloves are stunning and come in so many options. All of our merchandise is one size – which makes gift giving so easy!

All Chicatolia items are handmade. We offer all kinds of products for men and women: quality purses, briefcases, journals, tablet covers, wallets and accessories. Our leather goods are treated with a vegetal tanning process, an organic treatment using natural materials and no chemicals. The high-quality leather we use makes each of our items the definition of heritage with an edge; we seek and select premium quality for life-long satisfaction of your purchase. Appreciation of quality, respecting the mastery of our artisans, and sustaining the tradition of the handcraft are core values that drive our production process and boutique.

Seasonal winter fashion hats, scarves, gloves, ponchos, ethnic jewelry, steel rings, and Peruvian ornaments.

Himlayan Craft embodies Nepal’s rich tradition and authentic style with our sustainable product development that empowers underprivileged women. We offer a wide range of woolen, felt, cashmere, and sterling silver products made by Nepalese artisans. We focus on the welfare of both workers and the environment when manufacturing all of our products. The unique designs and styles we offer blend traditional techniques with today’s modern needs, so you will fall in love with them.

Wild Cherry Spoon Co. creates unique, artisan hand carved kitchenware, and home goods from their production shop in Moline, IL located between the Mississippi and Rock Rivers. Each piece is created from pre-fallen urban lumber from yards and parks, then finished with our food-grade SpoonButta wood finish.

Squishables are giant round, fuzzy balls of plush, designed in Soho, NYC by a team of illustrators, comic book artists, coders, actors, an ex-truck driver, and various other industry refugees. We’ve been creating cuddles for 15 years now, growing from a tiny mom-and-pop shop run out of our living room into the (still pretty tiny) 33-person company that we are today. Many of our designs are also crowdsourced from our million-strong group of fans, who create and vote on hundreds of new potential Squishables a year. The world can be a hard place. Hug something soft.

Shop America’s favorite fudge, gourmet hand painted truffles, and delicious confections. So good it should be illegal! Our fudge recipe was created over 30 years ago and has been known as America’s Best Fudge since the early ’80s. Our ingredients are pure and natural. Our fudge is made in the small-Micro-batch tradition: hand-stirred in copper kettles cooked over an open flame. This cooking method creates a silky smooth fudge that has been recognized as America’s finest. Our truffle bars are a delicious to eat as they are to see! Hand painted with French cocoa butter, a work of art! Made with Belgian chocolate and filled with a creamy, smooth ganache. Come create your own gift box today!

Ecodunia is a social enterprise dedicated to creating dignified work opportunities and breaking the cycle of poverty, while making high-quality, Fairtrade products that honor both the producers and the earth. We foster sustainable opportunities for skill development and capacity-building – and then provide the opportunities to utilize those skills.

Ecodunia is not just a business; it’s a manifestation of a belief in a sustainable and inclusive economy. We are committed to the people and the planet – Fairtrade top to bottom!


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