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Get to know our 2022 vendors – Winterborn Alpaca


READ TIME 3 MINWith temperatures dropping below 30 degrees, winter is just around the corner – perfect timing for all Chicagoans and Chicago visitors to get some warm winter gear! Our Christkindlmarket vendor Winterborn Alpaca produces high-quality winter clothes made out of Alpaca Wool to make you feel warm and cozy when exploring the Christkindlmarkets.

Get to know Winterborn Alpaca

The finest materials have always come from nature; the durability of leather, the warmth of fine wool, and the softness and strength of pure silk. The true quality of these natural and sustainable materials can never be matched by synthetics. Alpaca is the king of all wool. For thousands of years Alpaca have been treasured by the people of South America, the care of these noble animals dates back to before the time of the Inca when this fleece was prized above all else, famed for its exceptional softness and warmth, the wool of the alpaca was reserved only for royalty.

Alpaca fleece is finer than cashmere, it is softer and warmer than merino wool, and because of its’ silky structure, it does not itch. It is so pure, that you cannot be allergic to it, so light and breathable it can be worn in the spring or the winter. It is the wool of kings, the king of wool. Winterborn Alpaca has worked hand in hand with native Quechua families of herdsman, makers, and dyers of yarn, and communities of weavers and artisans for more than ten years and is committed to producing the finest, most ethical, sustainable, and high-quality alpaca products. Winterborn Alpaca is the world’s softest natural wool. When you feel it, you will know!

You can find Winterborn Alpaca at all three Christkindlmarket locations: Chicago at Daley Plaza, Wrigleyville at Gallagher Way, and Aurora at RiverEdge Park. Stop by their booths and feel for yourself – with more than 70 styles of scarves, plus mittens, hats, socks, shawls, wraps, and teddies we are sure, you will find something you and your family will love! We look forward to seeing you there!

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