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The First Annual Christkindlmarket Ornament


READ TIME 2 MINOnly one week left! Just seven days until the gates open and we can all stroll the lanes of our little candy-cane striped village. It has been so long since we have seen you all and we simply can’t wait! We are so excited about all the holiday memories that will be made this year at the market – not only to celebrate our 25th Anniversary but also because we have been apart for so long. To make the market even more special, memorable, and unique this year, we have released the first ever official Christkindlmarket Ornament that is available in our Online Shop and at both market locations, the Christkindlmarket Chicago as well as the Christkindlmarket Wrigleyville.

Though the market is always full of the most beautiful, creative, cool, and sometimes weird ornaments (have you seen the giant sushi roll?), this is the first time that the beloved holiday event has its own official bauble. Requested by visitors for many years, the Christkindlmarket team knew that this had to be a very special keepsake. But how do you capture the wonder, magic, joy, and beauty of the market? Luckily for us, we were able to partner with our long time Christkindlmarket vendor, Dom ITP, to bring our vision to reality!

Dom ITP creates a large collection of glass ornaments at their shop in Poland.  Everything they do, is proudly handmade and hand-painted according to generation-old artisan techniques.  Each of the official Christkindlmarket ornaments took hours to hand-blow and paint, resulting in each of the beautiful glass ornaments being a unique piece of art.  The ornaments show a scenic Chicago skyline, complete with snowflakes and stars, overlooking our traditional candy cane-striped huts and decorated Christmas tree.

Since each ornament is painstakingly made, there is only a limited number available, so make sure you get yours before they are gone!  You can get your ornaments on-site, or purchase them on our website. They are also included in two of our hand-curated Gift Boxes : A Few of our Favorite Things –Gold and, of course, the Anniversary Collection. While the ornament can’t transport you back to the Christkindlmarket anytime you want (we are still working on that magic), we hope this trinket can bring you a little piece of market happiness all year long.  And remember, you only have to wait one more week to see the market in person!



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