Christkindlmarket Chicago


Christkindlmarket Dates and Hours


When:                   November 24 - December 24

Where:                  Naper Settlement (near downtown Naperville and Riverwalk Park)


Open Thursday - Sunday: Thursday 11am - 7pm Friday - Saturday 11am - 9pm Sunday 11am - 6pm

Special Hours:    

Also Open December 18 - 21: 11am - 8pm December 24: 11am - 4pm


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Christkindlmarket Naperville Questions

Questions & Answers

Where will the event be?

The Christkindlmarket Naperville will be held in the heart of Naper Settlement, near downtown Naperville and Riverwalk Park. 

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When will the event be held?

2017 Dates:  November 24 - December 24

Open Thursday - Sunday:
Thursday 11am - 7pm
Friday - Saturday 11am - 9pm
Sunday 11am - 6pm

Also Open December 18 - 21: 11am - 8pm
December 24: 11am - 4pm

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How will we get there/park?

Naper Settlement is easily accessible via public transportation and a walk of between 5-20 minutes, using the BNSF Metra line and Pace bus lines 530, 677, 683, and 714. Visit the Metra and Pace websites to find the easiest route for you! It is also an easy drive using Interstates 88, 355, or 55. Free parking is available in the Naper Settlement parking lot at the southwest corner of Porter Avenue and Webster Street, as well as on the upper level of the Municipal Center parking lot after 5:00 p.m. and on weekends. You can also park at Centennial Beach or at the Water Street Parking lot. Visit the Naperville Visitor Buereau webpage for more information!

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Is it free?

Yes, the Christkindlmarket is always free! As a special benefit for Christkindlmarket Naperville visitors, access to the Christkindlmarket area of the Naper Settlement will be complimentary while the market is open. For those looking to get a more in-depth look at all Naper Settlement has to offer, museum and building tours will be available at standard fees. 

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Which vendors will be there?

The vendors at Naper Settlement have not yet been confirmed, but many favorites from the Christkindlmarket Chicago will be on hand. Once the vendors are finalized, they will be listed on the Christkindlmarket Naperville website. 

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Will it be bigger than the Oakbrook location?

Yes. As a part of the move to Christkindlmarket Naperville, the event will be occupy about 15,000 feet of space. Visitors can look forward to unique vendors, opportunities to shop indoors in new walk-in cabins, and designated areas to sit and enjoy all the great food and drink the market has to offer.

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Does this market have its own mug?

Yes, the Christkindlmarket Naperville will feature a special mug design for collectors. The design will be similar to the one sold in downtown Chicago but exclusive to Naperville.

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How do I reserve a table?

We have several food & beverage packages and tables available for reservation at the Christkindlmarket Naperville. Please visit our Reservations Page to learn more about packages and how to reserve your table. 

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How do I become a vendor?

Please visit our potential vendor application page to learn more about the vendor application process and to fill out our initial contact form. 

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How do I become a sponsor?

We would love to work with you as a sponsor of the Christkindlmarket!  We have several sponsorship options available at all price ranges.  Please email us at to receive more information on sponsorship packages.

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How do I work at the Christkindlmarket in Naperville?

We are not in charge of hiring for the vendors’ booths. However, you can feel free to send us your contact information!  If we learn that a vendor is interested in hiring staff, we will pass on your contact information to them and they will reach out to you directly. 

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out an application on our volunteer page. 

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How do I perform at the market?

If you'd like to perform with your group at the Christkindlmarket, contact us by filling out our contact form!  One of our staff will get back to you with availability as soon as possible. 

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Are dogs allowed?

Dogs and other pets are not permitted on the Naper Settlement grounds or in the buildings. However, service animals may accompany their owners.

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Will the Christkindlmarket Naperville be open when the weather is bad?

Yes, the Christkindlmarket will be open during regular hours, unless there is an official emergency declared by the City of Naperville.

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Do vendors take credit cards?

Some vendors do accept credit cards and some don’t.  Many food vendors do not accept cards, and the beer and wine vendors do not accept cards, so we recommend bringing some cash for food and drinks. There are several banks in downtown Naperville and will be ATMs on site.

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What kinds of food do you have at the market?

Bratwurst, other sausages, pretzels, potato pancakes, sauerkraut, cheese, desserts like strudel, roasted nuts, and donuts!  That’s just a general overview; view the vendor lists here for more detailed offerings! 

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What kind of drinks do you have at the market?

There are beverages for everybody at the Christkindlmarket!

  • Non-alcoholic:  Soda, water, hot chocolate, hot cider, Kinderglühwein
  • Alcoholic:  Beer (light or dark) and Glühwein

Beverages that can be purchased in a souvenir mug are Glühwein, hot chocolate and Kinderglühwein. 

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What do you have for vegetarians at the market?

For vegetarians, vendors serve potato pancakes, pretzels, cheese dishes, sauerkraut, and desserts. 

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I have an allergy, how do I know what is safe to eat?

We cannot guarantee any food to not have an allergen.  Your best bet is to speak directly to that vendor at the market. 

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How do I get in contact with a vendor?

If you'd like to get in contact with a specific vendor, please fill out the Contact Us form or call us at (312) 494-2175.  

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Who is the woman with the crown on the mug?

The woman on all of the Christkindlmarket mugs is called the Christkind, the namesake of the Christkindlmarket! She is a traditional German figure throughout the holiday season. Learn more about her on our about the Christkind page, and check out our events calendar to see if she might be visiting the market when you are there!

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Where can I drop off passengers?

Drop off for passengers from cars will be on the south end of S Webster St, toward Porter Ave. 


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