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The First Annual Christkindlmarket Ornament

The First Annual Christkindlmarket Ornament

READ TIME 2 MIN – Only one week left! Just seven days until the gates open and we can all stroll the lanes of our little candy-cane striped village. It has been so long since we have seen you all and we simply can’t wait! We are so excited about all the holiday memories that will be made this year at the market – not only to celebrate our 25th Anniversary but also because we have been apart for so long.

The Exclusive Christkindlmarket Experience

The Exclusive Christkindlmarket Experience The Christkind and Alpine Brass Music at the Christkindlmarket

READ TIME 2 MIN – 9 Weeks till Christkindlmarket is back! In case you missed our big announcement this week: We were very excited to share the news that we will have markets at our traditional Downtown location on Daley Plaza from November 19th- December 24th; as well as in Wrigleyville at Gallagher Way from November 19th- December 31st!

“Brand” New – Our Design Journey

“Brand” New – Our Design Journey

READ TIME 3 MIN – We are 11 weeks away from the celebration of the 25th Christkindlmarket Anniversary. Looking back 11 years, it was a festive season as well – the Christkindlmarket had its 15th Anniversary! Many vendors have been with us since then, many traditions and live entertainment have stayed the same. What has changed tremendously, however, is the look of the Christkindlmarket brand.

Different Years – Different Christkindlmarket Locations

Different Years – Different Christkindlmarket Locations Holiday Castle and Feel at the Christkindlmarket Oakbrook right by the Mall

READ TIME 2 MIN – Thirteen weeks left until we can finally say again: “Willkommen to the Christkindlmarket!” Our team’s countdown usually starts at the beginning of the new year. We figured this might be a little too early for our visitors who first want to enjoy Chicago Summer. However, we cannot wait to share our excitement with you anymore!

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