Tips for Parents

Here you can find examples of activities to do with students and children, both at the market and at home.


Passport Stamping Station Christkindlmarket



While at the market, stop by the Information booth at the Timber House and pick up a Christkindlmarket Passport. Inside are activity pages as well as passport stamp areas to get stamped by a variety of Christkindlmarket vendors. Stop by vendor booths that have a "Passport Stamping Station" sign, collect at least 5 stamps, and bring your passport back to the Timber House information window so you can be entered to win one of several great prizes!  Keep your eyes open for the Passport Stamping Station sign. 

Learn more about the Passport

Scavenger Hunt

Download the Scavenger hunt here. Help your child find the answers, or let them find them on their own. They will get the chance to learn more about German culture, talk to German-speaking vendors, and explore the Christkindlmarket. Explore the market together for a fun family experience!

Download answers here.

Coloring Pages

Coloring is fun for everyone! Download printable coloring pages here.


TIM_4909_smaller_sizeLearn About The Christkind

The Christkind is the namesake of the market, and tends to stop by for visits every once in a while. Her schedule can be found on the events page, and if you want to tell your family more about her before you meet her, her story is told on the Christkind Story page of this website.

The Christkind also has a blog! 


Make Your Own Scavenger Hunt

Ask your child or student to take pictures of things they see at the market. Some good options include:  Glühwein mug, vendor signs that include "German" or "Germany" in the title, something for sale that was made in Germany, wooden children's toys, a nutcracker, a picture of the Christkind (bonus points if you spot her in person!), giant cookie/lebkuchen, etc. Get creative!