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Sending Handfuls of Love from the Christkind

Feb 12, 2015

Lebkuchen Herzen - Gingerbread Hearts: 
Sold at most Christkindlmarkets in Germany and often decorated with well wishes and messages of love


Hallo liebe Freunde, the Christkind here again! 

Valentine’s Day is one of the best holidays out there. It’s all about sharing love with friends and loved ones, and that is the best part about the holidays!  To celebrate, I just sent a few wonderful kids a Valentine’s Day card through Lurie Children’s Hospital “Handfuls of Love” program.  It’s a lovely way to bring a smile to a hospitalized child’s face, and you can send a card for free too by clicking here!  

You can send your choice of three cards, and they're all adorable

In Germany, one of my favorite things to do is to visit children in the hospital to bring holiday cheer and smiles to their faces, especially when they aren’t able to come visit me at the Christkindlmarket in their town.  This year I was so excited to spread cheer in Chicago by visiting patients at Lurie Children’s Hospital via video!  Thanks to Georama for filming and sharing it with the kids for us! 

The kids had some great questions!

Until next time! 

- The Christkind