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Friends at the Christkindlmarket Chicago

Feb 26, 2015


One of my very favorite things to do is to pose for pictures with the lovely guests of the Christkindlmarket Chicago.  This year I got to meet all kinds of people, and some of them even sent in their photos for us to see after the fact.  Thanks guys!  Here are my ten favorites, in no particular order.


This lovely family comes to the Chrisktindlmarket every year for their father’s birthday. What a sweet tradition! 


I know lots of famous people, but Mozart is one of my favorite friends. The famous composer is from Austria, right around the corner from southern Germany. He made beautiful music and now helps sell his famous “Mozart Kugeln,” or Mozart chocolates! They are delicious confections made with pistachio, nougat, and the best German chocolate. 


My new friend has been visiting the Christkindlmarket since 1997 and this was her first time meeting me! It was so nice to meet you!  


Brrr, this couple must have been cold! But I’m sure they were warmed by love – so glad they visited our event on their wedding day!


Such a nice message from these ladies: "I don't get to see my sister very often as I live out of state. I was in town for her wedding on December 19th. We went to the Christkindlmarket on Saturday, December 20th along with her new husband."


My friend loves Lebkuchen Herzen and the messages on them. Sharing the love of the Christkindlmarket! 


Thanks for making us a part of your tradition, guys!


There were so many sweet young visitors this year! Hey – if you start teaching them German early maybe they’ll work at the market someday! 


Yummm! I was excited to meet one of the amazing vendors who sold me delicious German food at the market! 


I may be more than 500 years old, but I know all about the modern technology used to take this picture! It’s called a hand-held telephone, right?  


If you snagged a picture with me, the Christkind, feel free to send it our way! We'd love it if you also told us a little bit about what brought you to the Christkindlmarket - tradition, food, gifts, or just getting out of the house in the winter? We've all got our reasons, tell us yours!


Until next time,

The Christkind