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Christkindlmarket Chicago

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Celebrating the 20th Anniversary with a Fresh New Logo!

Apr 23, 2015


The Christkindlmarket team has introduced the market’s 20th anniversary celebration in the most wonderful way:  a new logo with me on it! I am so thrilled to be a part of the Christkindlmarket’s new look. Check it out!


The team at German American Services, Inc. (the organizers of the market) wanted to share a little more of the story behind the new logo:


Dear Christkindlmarket Fans,

This year will be the 20th Anniversary of the Christkindlmarket Chicago! The team at German American Services, Inc. has been so lucky to celebrate German traditions with Chicago for the last two decades. We’re excited to introduce the market’s new and improved logo to celebrate how far we’ve come as a part of this incredible city.

When the Christkindlmarket first opened in 1996, the founder Ray Lotter was inspired by the Christkindlesmarkt in Nuremberg, one of the oldest holiday markets in Germany. He, along with the German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest, brought all of the best elements to Chicago, including the Christkind, the red and white striped wooden booths, beautiful German goods, delicious food, and imported Glühwein. Chicago has been celebrating these wonderful traditions with us ever since! With the updated logo we are continuing that celebration while reinforcing the connection of our brand to the traditions of the Christkindlmarket.




One of the most special parts of the market, and of the logo, is the Christkind. She is a well-known tradition in areas of Germany, often taking the place of Santa Claus as the gift-giving figure during the holidays. For us, she is the symbolic figure that brought the Christkindlmarket to Chicago! In recent years, the Christkind has become a more regular visitor to the market, taking photos with guests and sharing her story. If you are a mug collector, you’ll notice she has been on every mug since 2010, and appears selectively in some older mugs. Her presence on the new logo is our way of showing how this German tradition is an integral part of the Christkindlmarket.




Another big aspect of the Christkindlmarket Chicago that has been featured since 1996 is the red and white stripes of the rooftops. The candy cane striped buildings you’ve come to know and love can be found both in Nuremberg and in Chicago. We focus on the booths in the new logo to remember the market that inspired the Christkindlmarket… and because the rooftops are the best way to spot the market from down the street! ;)

Thank you, Chicago, for celebrating the holidays at the Christkindlmarket for the past 19 years! Here’s to the 20th year being the best yet!

- Your friends at German American Services, Inc.  


Photos © Timmy Samuel / © City of Chicago / © Timmy Samuel 2006 / © Uwe Niklas,



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